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Randomly stop broadcasting (vESPrino v1.16 build20170228)
yeah... i just sent you the package

the module worked for about 30 hours, sending each 30 seconds a value to thingspeak
if you are lucky you will get it Friday Smile 2 weeks ago it took just 2 days to netherlandsSmile
else beginning of the next week

please try it first w/o connecting anything to it, and then connecting the CO2 sensor
i also sent you another adapter board, just in case
Thanks Vladimir!
I will check it out when it arrives.
I have received the package on Friday, didn't have the time to hook it up before then.
Thingspeak is still configured, I will leave it like it is for now (for testing purposes).

I have removed/detached the add-on board for now. If it remains functional for at least 24 hours I will hook-up the old board with the CO2 monitor. If that works, I will hook-up the RF-transmitter.
Great Smile

Here it posts
Hooked up the cookie board and the CO2 Sensor (Not the RF module just yet).
any news about the new module ?

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