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Device sends %CO2% instead of the actual value
(01-05-2017, 11:53 AM)Ed Davies Wrote: Laptop hung around 08:20 but otherwise all seemed find overnight - no gaps or %CO2%s. A bit unsatisfying, really, not getting a decent conclusion here.

Now i checked and in fact it seems like i didn't disable the feature that will not send %CO2% etc if they appear. So still in case the CO2 sensor does not report data - the device will abort sending.
What puzzles me a bit is that your prevoius configuration was

and my assumption is that it is impossible to have Temperrature w/o Humidty, as they come from the same sensor.
In case after you reset your device you didn't add humidity - this would explain why it was sending only Temperature yesterday. If the next data is the CO2 - and the sensor failed - then it would simply silently fail.

As for the Pressure giving some random values - i have no idea yet

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