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Device sends %CO2% instead of the actual value
I was away for New Year but left the device logging. Last night I wrote a little program to list the periods of time when there was a gap of more than 180 seconds between MQTT reports from the monitor. The pattern is pretty obvious: it stops from about 7 minutes before the hour until about a quarter past with occasionally a small glitch just after it comes back. Debug output also stops during that time though when I watched it stop at 10:53Z just now it continued to give output to the config utility so it's rather looking like a problem logging on to the WiFi or something. I'll also leave a ping -a going on it at the next opportunity.

Columns are date/time of last report before the gap, date/time of first report after the gap and length of the gap in seconds.

I'll update to the new firmware and start it all again then see what the lights do at 11:52Z today. I'll probably do the diode and capacitor tomorrow - let's change one thing at a time.

2016-12-31T01:53:42Z 2016-12-31T02:13:58Z 1216.0
2016-12-31T02:52:32Z 2016-12-31T03:15:03Z 1351.0
2016-12-31T03:53:38Z 2016-12-31T04:13:54Z 1216.0
2016-12-31T04:52:31Z 2016-12-31T05:15:02Z 1351.0
2016-12-31T05:36:29Z 2016-12-31T05:41:04Z 275.0
2016-12-31T05:53:55Z 2016-12-31T06:14:10Z 1215.0
2016-12-31T06:52:45Z 2016-12-31T07:15:18Z 1353.0
2016-12-31T07:53:49Z 2016-12-31T08:14:04Z 1215.0
2016-12-31T08:52:38Z 2016-12-31T09:15:09Z 1351.0
2016-12-31T09:53:40Z 2016-12-31T10:13:59Z 1219.0
2016-12-31T11:52:33Z 2016-12-31T12:15:05Z 1352.0
2016-12-31T12:17:14Z 2016-12-31T12:21:50Z 276.0
2016-12-31T12:53:59Z 2016-12-31T13:14:17Z 1218.0
2016-12-31T13:52:53Z 2016-12-31T14:13:11Z 1218.0
2016-12-31T14:53:53Z 2016-12-31T15:14:12Z 1219.0
2016-12-31T15:52:46Z 2016-12-31T16:15:17Z 1351.0
2016-12-31T16:53:51Z 2016-12-31T17:14:08Z 1217.0
2016-12-31T17:52:42Z 2016-12-31T18:15:13Z 1351.0
2016-12-31T18:53:49Z 2016-12-31T19:14:08Z 1219.0
2016-12-31T19:52:43Z 2016-12-31T20:15:14Z 1351.0
2016-12-31T20:53:49Z 2016-12-31T21:14:07Z 1218.0
2016-12-31T21:52:41Z 2016-12-31T22:15:16Z 1355.0
2016-12-31T22:53:48Z 2016-12-31T23:14:05Z 1217.0
2016-12-31T23:52:37Z 2017-01-01T00:15:08Z 1351.0
2017-01-01T00:53:41Z 2017-01-01T01:13:58Z 1217.0
2017-01-01T01:52:31Z 2017-01-01T02:15:01Z 1350.0
2017-01-01T02:53:34Z 2017-01-01T03:13:51Z 1217.0
2017-01-01T04:52:23Z 2017-01-01T05:14:53Z 1350.0
2017-01-01T05:53:24Z 2017-01-01T06:13:39Z 1215.0
2017-01-01T06:52:15Z 2017-01-01T07:14:50Z 1355.0
2017-01-01T07:53:23Z 2017-01-01T08:13:38Z 1215.0
2017-01-01T08:52:15Z 2017-01-01T09:14:49Z 1354.0
2017-01-01T09:53:24Z 2017-01-01T10:13:40Z 1216.0
2017-01-01T10:52:16Z 2017-01-01T11:14:51Z 1355.0
2017-01-01T11:53:23Z 2017-01-01T12:13:38Z 1215.0
2017-01-01T12:52:10Z 2017-01-01T13:14:43Z 1353.0
2017-01-01T13:53:17Z 2017-01-01T14:13:33Z 1216.0
2017-01-01T14:52:09Z 2017-01-01T15:14:42Z 1353.0
2017-01-01T15:53:13Z 2017-01-01T16:13:32Z 1219.0
2017-01-01T16:52:06Z 2017-01-01T17:14:36Z 1350.0
2017-01-01T17:53:10Z 2017-01-01T18:13:27Z 1217.0
2017-01-01T19:52:02Z 2017-01-01T20:14:35Z 1353.0
2017-01-01T20:53:11Z 2017-01-01T21:13:27Z 1216.0
2017-01-01T21:52:04Z 2017-01-01T22:14:32Z 1348.0
2017-01-01T22:53:03Z 2017-01-01T23:13:21Z 1218.0
2017-01-01T23:51:56Z 2017-01-02T00:14:28Z 1352.0
2017-01-02T00:53:06Z 2017-01-02T01:13:22Z 1216.0
2017-01-02T02:51:55Z 2017-01-02T03:14:25Z 1350.0
2017-01-02T03:52:55Z 2017-01-02T04:13:11Z 1216.0
2017-01-02T04:53:53Z 2017-01-02T05:14:07Z 1214.0
2017-01-02T05:52:40Z 2017-01-02T06:15:15Z 1355.0
2017-01-02T06:53:50Z 2017-01-02T07:14:09Z 1219.0
2017-01-02T07:52:46Z 2017-01-02T08:15:18Z 1352.0
2017-01-02T08:53:52Z 2017-01-02T09:14:11Z 1219.0
2017-01-02T09:52:43Z 2017-01-02T10:15:15Z 1352.0
2017-01-02T10:53:53Z 2017-01-02T11:14:10Z 1217.0
2017-01-02T11:52:43Z 2017-01-02T12:15:14Z 1351.0
2017-01-02T12:53:51Z 2017-01-02T13:14:10Z 1219.0
2017-01-02T13:52:42Z 2017-01-02T14:15:12Z 1350.0
2017-01-02T14:53:48Z 2017-01-02T15:14:07Z 1219.0
2017-01-02T15:52:44Z 2017-01-02T16:15:19Z 1355.0
2017-01-02T16:53:53Z 2017-01-02T17:14:09Z 1216.0
2017-01-02T17:52:41Z 2017-01-02T18:15:16Z 1355.0
2017-01-02T18:15:17Z 2017-01-02T18:19:53Z 276.0
2017-01-02T18:52:01Z 2017-01-02T19:14:36Z 1355.0
2017-01-02T19:53:12Z 2017-01-02T20:13:31Z 1219.0
2017-01-02T20:52:09Z 2017-01-02T21:14:45Z 1356.0
2017-01-02T21:53:19Z 2017-01-02T22:13:37Z 1218.0
2017-01-02T22:52:08Z 2017-01-02T23:14:41Z 1353.0
2017-01-02T23:53:15Z 2017-01-03T00:13:31Z 1216.0
2017-01-03T00:52:05Z 2017-01-03T01:14:37Z 1352.0
2017-01-03T01:53:13Z 2017-01-03T02:13:29Z 1216.0
2017-01-03T02:52:01Z 2017-01-03T03:14:33Z 1352.0
2017-01-03T03:53:07Z 2017-01-03T04:13:25Z 1218.0
2017-01-03T04:51:58Z 2017-01-03T05:14:31Z 1353.0
2017-01-03T06:52:58Z 2017-01-03T07:13:21Z 1223.0
2017-01-03T07:51:55Z 2017-01-03T08:14:29Z 1354.0
2017-01-03T08:53:09Z 2017-01-03T09:13:26Z 1217.0
2017-01-03T09:52:01Z 2017-01-03T10:14:31Z 1350.0

Updated to vESPrino v1.16 build20170103.

So, of course, now it works through the turn of the hour: I missed the start of the expected gap but it just logged at 11:58:14Z then at 12:00:41Z.

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