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Future version
Is it possible that you will add more sensors? like CO, Ozone, NO2, SO2 and PM1.

And make a version that I can have outdoors?
In fact i had bought some CO sensors for evaluation, but it turned out it is too difficult to drive them. And also CO is quite a poisonous gas, and i wouldn't feel too confident producing a device that measures it and somebody would rely on it.
With No2 and SO2, the problem is that there are sensors for this, but they need to be calibrated against some known concentrations, and this is done more or less per sensor (same holds true also for CO sensor), and there is no affordable way for me to do this. I could rather integrate them and let you do some calibration in clean air, but the spec sheets claim it is best to have at least 2 points with known calibration to know the exact curve. Else it would measure something, but perhaps with some deviations

for Ozone i haven't yet looked into detail

And for PM1, i am trying to get in contact with some vendors that produce such sensors, in fact even lower - PM 0.1 if i am not mistaken. But still i do not have to much information about it.
Yeah CO, NO2 and SO2 need calibrations to give back the right values and test gas is expensive to buy when I checked and test equipment is't cheap...
I am more interested if the values go up or down so no need for calibration. for them. how much extra would it cost to add them?

about outdoor is that possible with a other case?
If you do not search for a too precise output, then indeed this solution will be fine
Though i will be most likely be quite busy in the next couple of months, so i wouldn't be able to design some dedicated boards for the low-power sensors based on metal oxide. So an option would be to connect an MQ-series sensor and the firmware would then manage it. But i will need to fix the firmware for this, and i am also not sure if i will be able to do this in the next couple of months

about the outdoor case - what kind of application do you need
protection from rain
or also protection from sun (e.g. if you would like to measure outdoor temperate under direct light)

One option is printing a case like this one
but i never printed it so i am not sure if it will be too well

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