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co2 monitor v3 /cdm7160 stops sending information/ jamming 433mhz rf devices
(02-22-2017, 04:57 PM)strichter76 Wrote:
(02-22-2017, 02:13 AM)admin Wrote: The fan is on each 10 minutes for 30 seconds
and the led is purple when the device boots up and then after 5 minutes it turns off. then each 2 minutes the device will wake up from sleep send data and go to sleep again. This is why you can only connect to it in the first 5 minutes via WiFi
Also it looks like on some networks Chrome cannot autodetect the subnet, so you have to enter it manually, or enter the whole ip (in case the field with the ip is empty)

another thing is that for some reason the router may have stopped accepting connections from the device
to check this - enable DEBUG mode from the Settings menu
then the device will start to blink with different colors on each operation like described here

also make sure that you have updated to the latest firmware (the config tool should tell you on the top left, which is your version)

i upgraded firmware.
after reboot, i put it into debug mode.
it is sending now / my raspberry receives data and leds are flashing.

will update later.

ok, the device ran until 4pm afternoon.

the top-led is now constantly purple. no flashing. just purple all the time.

and my 433mhz devices are being jammed.

i pressed the top botton once but nothing happened. 

i re-connected the vair-monitor via usb and i was able to switch on/ off my 433mhz devices again.

and vair-monitor is working again, transmitting data.

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