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DUST PM2.5 PM10 good value for health
Hi ,

Reading some article on web, i see that s better to keep a CO2 value under 1500 ppm  in the House.
But what about DUST  PM2.5 PM10 ,   what is the range measure by the CUBIC PM 2005 ? and what are the healthy value ?

Right now, my sensors says :

TEMP : 19.98
TEMPR : 19.98
HUM : 56
PM25 : 2
PM10 : 2
CO2 : 1299
CO2R : 1295

What is CO2R Value ?

Thanks for making me less idiot ;-)
ahaha it is important you breathe clean air! Smile
where i am at the moment it is 230
I plan to write and article about PM levels, but what people say is that there is no good level above 0 Smile
each 10 ug/m3 of dust are linked to increased levels of asthma, respiratory deceases and so on
in general it is assumed to be a target for EU that dust levels are lower that 50 ug/m3 as an average value for the whole day.
here you can see how it is currently in Sofia
last winter, when i was implementing the driver for the Dust sensor it showed 487 or something like this
i even asked the manufacturer if it is defective, but they told me that the output is correct (i sent them the raw data)
and then i checked this site and saw for myself Smile
so last month i bought an Air Purifier, which decreases the indoor dust to <10 in 2-3 hours Smile

and btw, few weeks ago - another fellow from finland complained that the Dust sensor did not work as it was showing 0... but it was working Smile

CO2 and CO2R - CO2R is the raw value reported from the sensor and the other is a bit averaged. i will perhaps soon remove the averaging alltogether

as for the range - the dust sensor measures 0 - 500 ug/m3
Thanks a lot Vladimir for this nice and great explanation.
the sensor is rather 0-1000
now it shows 700 here
i do not know if you saw it, but i posted a couple of days a go an article about this
(01-24-2017, 05:20 AM)admin Wrote: i do not know if you saw it, but i posted a couple of days a go an article about this

yes i notice it and read it carefully, this is a very great add to this post.

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