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[SOLVED] No values are send to any of my services.
I soldered it, but it is still not working and showing me the exact same debug log. Do I have to disable the "missing" value that I wrote with the command you gave me?

[Image: IMG_20170117_210746.jpg]

By the way, wasn´t the module supposed to be the CM1102? On the board it says CM1101 and when I googled the manual to know where I had to solder, it told me it that the 1 Version is single Beam and not dual beam.

Anyhow, I measured 1.6V between the Pin I soldered  and GND. Between the PWM Output(whatever that does) and GND I measured around 1.0V by having the multimeter set to continues voltage. Both values do reach the microcontroller, which I ensured by measuring again.

If you cant tell me a possible solution please give me your shipping information, for the return.

Thanks, Christopher

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RE: No values are send to any of my services. - by Christopher Wansing - 01-17-2017, 08:22 PM

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