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Integration with
For those of you that would like to use some kind of mobile integration with the devices - it is finally there!
Although not developed for me, by using Blynk you can now create a custom mobile dashboard. Simple ones would be for free. If you need more gadgets it would cost you 1-4 eur :Smile (to the Blynk service developers)

i've published more details here:
I've been trying out today and following your blogpost it was very easy to connect my CO2 monitor and get a dashboard running.

I did find a bug I think: when you no longer want to use blynk and clear the Blynk Auth Token and other fields in the chrome config tool, press save, the CO2 monitor will still try to connect to the blynk server, resulting in the following output in the config tool:

[[20316] Connecting to
[20378] Invalid auth token]

The only way to stop it from attempting to connect to blynk-cloud was to do a factory reset. vESPrino v1.16 build20170103
aahh thanks

i will have a look on this

before christimas it was very tedious to add new properties to the config tool that would be then sent to the device, so for Blynk i did not do it too well
during the holidays i did quite some improvements and now adding new properties is just adding a class to an html tag, so i can now simplify this as well
Hi, how do I save selected items in V1 - Vx dropdown list. They are reset to default after each reboot or power drop. Token is always stable.

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unfortunately this is not implemented yet.
they are stored on the device, but the UI is not yet able to parse them back
same is also for thingspeak, which uses the same controls

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