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to 79-74 early in the fourth, but Lou
Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision Watch Hands-On: Experience the Grinder

A ton SIHH 2018 Athens opens a completely redesigned part of the ongoing malformation collection, simply referred to as the reference 2505-250 Athens Malformation Vision. Although replica Ulysse Nardin  Freak Vision is completely part of the Freak watch series, its look and feel is completely fresh and unique. Freak Vision just arrived at Ulysse Nardin and launched an exciting concept watch called Freak InnoVision 2, just a year later. . InnoVision 2 showcases a case and movement, with many innovations in technology and materials. If I have to sum up the purpose of InnoVision 2, it is "how to make mechanical watches perform better by using non-metallic parts and using novel technologies produced with modern engineering principles"

Freak has always been one of the most susceptible watches to wear upside down-so keep that in mind when viewing your watch on your wrist. Thank you. ] The 2018 Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision includes some of the innovations of InnoVision 2, although some more exotic innovations (such as glass parts) can easily take years to complete. If I have to guess, what I want to say is that although InnoVision 2's innovations can improve mechanical performance in a controlled environment, when used in the real world, some reliability and durability issues may still need to be addressed. Having said that, one of the most impressive innovations of the InnoVision 2 watch is its inclusion in Freak Vision-the "grinding machine".

Check the link above and watch the video for full detailed instructions on Grinder. In short, this is a novel automatic luxury replica watch winding system that uses all silicon components. It is impressive that it provides the ability to wind the mainspring with minimal movement of the case. In conventional automatic winding systems, oscillating weights need to travel a relatively wide arc to generate winding power. With a grinding machine, more sensitive movements of the winding system can generate electricity. This has led to an automatic winding system in Grinder, which is more efficient and useful than traditional automatic winding systems. At least, that's the idea ...

Equipped with Grinder (visible from the back of the watch), Freak Vision is the first self-winding version of Freak ever produced. This is important because even with a previous version of Freak with a power reserve of up to a week, tangling fingers is not always pleasing. This is because the Freak box is designed to be both waterproof (in most cases, for example up to 30m here) and has rotatable front and rear bezels. The top bezel on the front of the watch (with a small label release at 12 o'clock) is used to set the time, while the back bezel is used for winding. When using a grinder, the need to manually wind the Freak Vision movement becomes optional, not necessary.

Geek fans will immediately notice that, aesthetically speaking, geek vision is a completely different beast compared to previous geek models. This watch is actually easier to wear and thinner than previous models, but still exists in a large 45mm wide case. I think you will agree that even with a width of 45mm, the case's crownless design still fits well on my smaller wrist. The case is made of two materials, including a precision-machined grade 5 titanium bezel and a sturdy platinum middle case. It also has an excellent modern look. Overall, I think from a design and performance point of view, Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision brings traditional haute horlogerie into the modern era without giving up the past (most Swiss watchmakers ear mus).Hublot Big Bang 301.SB.131.SB watch

Like previous Freak watches, Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision "reads" by looking at the rear dial hour hand (with a white arrow indicator) and the large minute hand structure actually composed of the main gear train. For the new generation of Freak Vision watches, the minute hand assembly has a brand new look designed to evoke the shape of the hull. One of the most impressive elements is watching the "Ulysse Nardin Anchor Escapement" designed and produced in-house, a key part of the regulation system. This includes wide-size all-silicon oscillators (balance wheels) that use molten nickel pieces as "inertia blocks" on the oscillator. This also includes the constant force system in the escapement, which actually ensures a steady flow of energy to the movement when the mainspring is tightened.

The movement inside Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision is the internal movement UN-250. Features include automatic winding time and many beautiful silicon parts. The oscillator operates at a frequency of 2.5 Hz and has a backup power of 50 hours. Please note that Ulysse Nardin believes that the system represents a "flying carrousel" of the tourbillon type, because the adjustment system, when connected to the minute hand, makes a complete rotation around the dial every hour. I look forward to seeing how Ulysse Nardin will not only advance the new system in the UN-250 movement, but will add more complexity in the future. For many people, this movement is correct because it provides time and enjoys the simplicity of the mechanism.

We list Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision as one of the top ten swiss replica watch of SIHH 2018 because of its striking appearance, focus on true innovation and a reasonable expansion of the high-end direction of Ulysse Nardin products. Ulysse Nardin will not release a Freak Vision, but I don't want them to release that much.
[Image: Ulysse%20Nardin%20Watch%206106-130-E2-HORSE.jpg]

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