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Calibrating CO2?
Everything is working fine, but one question. Is there need for calibrating the CO2 sensor? If so how should you do that?

I see that CO2 is going up and up and does not come back to the initial values.
Can you remind me which sensor you got .. (i have at least 3 Henk's in my customer list Smile )
and what you mean with going up and up and then back to initial values?
oh, oke my last name is Bouma. The sensor is the CDM7160. The initial values were 400-500 and now its not below 800.
aahh i missed the "not". Well - according to the manufacturer the CDM7160 cannot be calibrated.
Could you connect it to the pc and via the Configuration Tool enable Debug mode (send command "debug")
and then send command "cdmloop" this will make 50 readings within 2 minutes.. can you then send me the log file

you can also try to update the firmware before this via "otah"

As i understand - initially it was doing fine - and after some point of time it started to not go below 800 ?
I decided to put my CDM7160 outside flat (balcony) for cca 1hour. 
I belive it was really exposed to fresh air and sensor readings goes down to cca 440-450 ppm, which is believable. 
When CDM7160 is inside my flat, it never goes lower than 750 ppm. 

vThing - CO2 Monitor v1.15 (CM1106 NDIR+WIFI)
vAir Monitor (CDM7160 CO2 Sensor, BME280 - Temp/Hum/Press Sensor, RF433)

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