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[SOLVED] CDM7160 - PPM Value Oscillation
(10-22-2016, 05:12 PM)freakstar Wrote: Data stops sending. At first maybe one of the sensors but in the end all of them stop.

Ahhh this is bad Sad Let's hope it is something trivial.
I just made a new version of the fw to help me find the root cause of this.
I posted a new thread for this
As there is I guess also at least one other user that complained about this.
Fighting EMI proves to be quite hard, especially when the manufacturer claims it is working Sad

It turns out the sensor may need some additional wrapping as i initially suspected. The devices ordered from end of October till mid of December were isolated like this. In my testing this proved to be sufficient. Yet since then th

[Image: image2.jpg]

In my testing this proved to be sufficient. Yet since then then, at least with one device this wasn't enough. What helped in this case was to add some additional wrapping.
In order to add it - please add some additional insulating tape on the PCB side at the bottom, and on the top side.
Then use some additional aluminium foil (make sure it makes contact with the copper foil).

[Image: IMG_2834.jpg][Image: IMG_2833.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2836.jpg][Image: IMG_2835.jpg][Image: IMG_2837.jpg]

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