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Randomly stop broadcasting (vESPrino v1.16 build20170228)
alirghht, than let's see what 2.) will show

as for 1.) the scripts outputs to standard out, so you may need to redirect it to somewhere
(i have tested it on windows, where i just open a command prompt and check what it shows, this is why i haven't provision more documentation about those cases)

The /xxx is because the HTTP Client on the WiFi module of the Device somehow does not handle very well urls like http://host:port, and it took me quite a while until i realize that there need some kind of query path... else - the script just logs the content of the request that comes - doesn't even check the path

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RE: Randomly stop broadcasting (vESPrino v1.16 build20170228) - by admin - 03-27-2017, 12:09 PM

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