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Device sends %CO2% instead of the actual value
It doesn't just happen on start up. I've got the refresh interval set low (12 seconds instead of 120) though it seems to actually use 20 seconds (I'm guessing there's a minimum for the CO₂ detector to operate or something). Sometimes there are short runs of %CO2% in the data:

2016-09-25T09:46:32+01:00 22.85&58.99&1268.00
2016-09-25T09:46:52+01:00 22.76&58.98&1270.00
2016-09-25T09:47:11+01:00 22.86&58.96&%CO2%
2016-09-25T09:47:31+01:00 22.49&58.91&%CO2%
2016-09-25T09:47:50+01:00 22.86&58.95&%CO2%
2016-09-25T09:48:10+01:00 22.45&58.90&1263.00
2016-09-25T09:48:29+01:00 22.80&58.93&1263.00

This is logging HTTP requests (temperature, humidity, CO₂) to my laptop using netcat -l and a little shell script to extract the appropriate part of the URL from the GET line and add the timestamp. I have an MQQT server (mosquitto) installed but need to have another look at it before setting that up.

Sometimes there are other combinations:

2016-09-24T22:11:46+01:00 23.26&58.03&1080.00
2016-09-24T22:12:05+01:00 23.27&58.03&1081.00
2016-09-24T22:12:25+01:00 %TEMP%&%HUM%&%CO2%
2016-09-24T22:12:44+01:00 %TEMP%&%HUM%&1085.00
2016-09-24T22:13:04+01:00 23.30&57.97&1079.00
2016-09-24T22:13:23+01:00 23.30&57.98&1079.00

2016-09-24T23:16:23+01:00 23.16&57.72&1089.00
2016-09-24T23:16:43+01:00 23.16&57.82&1091.00
2016-09-24T23:17:02+01:00 23.04&57.73&%CO2%
2016-09-24T23:17:22+01:00 23.16&57.76&%CO2%
2016-09-24T23:17:41+01:00 23.16&57.75&%CO2%
2016-09-24T23:18:01+01:00 23.15&57.75&1100.00
2016-09-24T23:18:20+01:00 %TEMP%&%HUM%&%CO2%
2016-09-24T23:18:40+01:00 %TEMP%&%HUM%&1089.00
2016-09-24T23:18:59+01:00 23.16&57.72&1090.00
2016-09-24T23:19:19+01:00 23.16&57.73&1093.00

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