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Device sends %CO2% instead of the actual value
alright, i have prepared a new version, that you can manually update to
what it does different are several things
1. In case I2C Bus is failing - the previous one restarted the device, which could lead to a loop, so that for some time there is no log (the device constantly restarts) - this is one of the potential problems that Ed was facing
2. In case sensors are not discovered - the %CO2%, %TEMP% readings will not be suppressed again - to see if this was the reason for the missing mqtt logs (i had added a check to remove those, if they appear only rarely - apparently the problem is elsewhere
3. In debug mode the LED will now emit different colors
2x Lila (Magenta) blinks - the device starts after reboot
3x lila blinks - the device starts after deep sleep
2x red + lila - NO i2c devices
2x red + yellow - i2c bus failed
Light Blue / Dark Blue - the device searches for Wifi
followed by Green for 1 sec - wifi connected
followed by Red for 1 sec - wifi failed
and after data is sent
2x green - success (green stays)
3x red- failed (red stays)

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