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[SOLVED] Vair-monitor temp+hum not showing up in Domoticz
(02-02-2017, 06:23 AM)admin Wrote: hmmm.. check if the url is correct
this =vAir seems to e wrong or ?
maybe the domoticz cannot parse it like this

also as far as i know in Domoticz, you need to create some Virtual Sensor, and get it's ID
in the Domoticz Page in the Config tool you enter this id, and hten it automatically generates the id
there are those svalue, nvalue, etc..

Forgot to fill in the IDx parameter of my virtual sensor at the Domoticz tab of the vThings - Device Configuration Tool. It is working great now :-)
The svalue, nvalue etc are created automatically by the vThings - Device Configuration Tool.

Kind regards,

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