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CDM7160 - Recovery procedure
So what I did yesterday:
I took it from the fridge (about 6°C) and connected to USB. It had been recognized directly by the tool.

I managed to flash the eprom first via the tool and repeated to flash than again via esptool right away.
Attached is the vAir Output log. After flashing also to Output seems to contain less or non crypted letters. 
Setting Wifi, MQTT and some other stuff, than if failed again. And now also supported by ice spray I did not manage to recover operation again. Also this morning it did not start again and seems to fail completely.

I share your assumption it is an hardware issue. I'll deinstall the mainboard and send it back to you tomorrow. Don't care for the shipment. Thanks a lot for your support, really! I would be interested in the results of your analysis at the end.

Some proposals for improvement:
- Maybe helpful  would be adding a timestamp (if available) to the line of the vAIR output maybe only in debug mode.
- You may add a hint to disconnect the chrome tool if trying to flash the eprom via esptool.exe. Otherwise the interface is used and blocked by the chrome tool. Furthermore remove the hyperlink to the old firmware from the post. Additionally  I did not manage to identify the device connected to a MBP but this is OT.

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