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New Configuration Tool and Firmware - testers appreciated
Hi Guys,

I've spent almost each early morning (4-7 am) for the last two months to do some improvements to the firmware and configuration tool.

I've just updated the Chrome App, so it should automatically update in your browsers:
here are some details.

The firmware also contains lots of changes. Primary to make it work more stable and better. And also it had reached my programming skill limits to maintain it so i had to refactor some stuff to make it simple.

You can update to it with "otah" command.

It would be great if i could get some feedback from you about this update. I would like to push this latest version automatically to all devices. I've been testing it in the last week, but i prefer to have some slower ramp up before i do it.

Thanks in advance, Vladimir

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New Configuration Tool and Firmware - testers appreciated - by admin - 12-05-2016, 05:17 AM

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