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to 79-74 early in the fourth, but Lou
Watch brand watch: Bell & Ross Most luxury watch companies are proud of their long history. But Bell & Ross is the opposite-only 24 years old, it has completed a lot of work in a short period of time.repica Bell & Ross watches

In 1992, designer Bruno Belamich and entrepreneur Carlos Rosillo (Bell and Ross, respectively) set out to create their own watch collection to bridge the gap between traditional tool watches and rugged military devices.

Their first work "Sinn Bell & Ross" was produced by Sinn Watches. In fact, many early Bell & Ross watches were existing Sinn watches, especially 103 and Space 1, and were renamed with the Bell & Ross logo.

With the development of the company's business, Bell & Ross expanded its series of functional tool tables. The brand's first major success was the Bell & Ross Bomb Disposal Type, a watch designed for members of the bomb squad of the French elite GIGN special operations department.hyt replica watches

In the late 1990s, Bell & Ross expanded its impressive tool watch range with the Hydro Challenger: a quartz diving watch capable of descending to more than 11,100 meters below sea level. Hydro Challenger set the world record for the deepest level of diving watches ever. This record continued until James Cameron entered the Mariana Trench with the Rolex Deep Sea Challenge outside the submarine.

In 2002, Bell & Ross was acquired by Chanel. Since its acquisition, Bell & Ross has not become a pure fashion brand. It has always adhered to its foundation and launched a compelling tool table, such as Aviation BR-01, which has attracted widespread attention in the field of watchmaking.

Like other Bell & Ross models, Aviation BR-01 combines the design of the tool table with materials and surface treatment options. Its shell is made of stainless steel, black coated steel and many other materials. Special editions of unique casino, aerial and gold bullion are provided.replica HARRY WINSTON watches

As one of Bell & Ross's most famous models, Aviation BR-01 is a trend-leader. Since the first release in 2005, the size of other tool tables has also increased, perhaps matching the BR-01's large 42-46mm case.

Ship Automatic BR-02
Bell & Ross were famous for their innovative quartz diving watches in the late 1990s. Hydromax is one of the brand's most popular diving watches-the quartz watch contains oil to prevent it from failing in extreme depths.

Marine Automatic BR-02 is Bell & Ross's modern diving watch. It is a large self-winding watch that combines the functions of its early quartz diving watch with the size and automatic winding of the iconic aviation replica watches

In many ways, Marine Automatic BR-02 is equivalent to diving and aviation watches. Its 1,000m water resistance makes it suitable for even the most extreme diving, while the four large screws and large clear numbers in the case echo the style of the aviation BR-01.

Coupled with its unidirectional internal bezel, the BR-02 is an impressive watch that combines a rugged style with all the functions of a deep diving tool watch. The diameter of BR-02 is 44 mm. Compared with the common BR-01 on the wrist, the presence on the wrist is incredible.

Vintage BR
Although Bell & Ross is famous for large modern aviation and diving watches, it also offers a series of vintage style watches. Vintage BR is a watch designed by Bell & Ross in the 1940s. It is a tribute to the pioneer pilot watch worn by World War II pilots.

The size of the Vintage series launched at the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show in 2010 is smaller than Bell & Ross's famous large diving and aviation watches (41 mm, not 44-46 mm). The rugged style of the brand is downplayed and replaced by a more mainstream look, but it is still clearly Bell & replica watches

The Vintage BR series consists of two models: Vintage BR automatic winding watch and Vintage BR chronograph. Both have a variety of styles and finishes to choose from. The chronograph has a cumulative time of 60 seconds and 30 minutes.

For some people, the short lifespan of Bell and Ross may make it a smaller brand than many watch companies with hundreds of years of history. For others, its focus on innovative watchmaking and its unique design philosophy make it a brand that anyone can enjoy. John Mayer called the BR126 chronograph a "soft, classic, cool" watch. When it was exhibited at the 2013 Haute Horlogerie in Geneva, it "broken the barriers of good design."

Famous fans of Bell and Ross include Joel McHale of the Community who was found wearing a BR 02-94 chronograph, and Zach Braff wearing a BR-01.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger found Bell & Ross BR-01 in his "Death Squad 2".

Although Bell & Ross may not have a long history of other Swiss watch brands, its fascinating design and focus on functionality make it one of the most popular watch companies today. If you are a fan of military style, then Bell & Ross's unique iconic luxury replica watches may be for you.

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