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Device stops sending data after a while
Haven't been able to pay much attention to this for a couple of weeks - device has been happily running and logging off a good USB power supply in the mean time. I updated the firmware late yesterday evening then tried to run it overnight (from a Lidl power bank and Staples hub as described in another post) which stopped, as before, after about an hour. I've run it again today and it has been fine all day. So it goes. I wonder if it's that the power bank is less full so the output voltage has dropped a bit?

Anyway, I'd like to try the coloured LED option to see what happens.

One question before I do: is there an easy way to set it back to the default (“factory”) state once I'm done messing with it? Turn on with the button pressed or something? I don't mind setting up the WiFi and MQTT again.

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RE: Device stops sending data after a while - by Ed Davies - 10-31-2016, 07:25 PM

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