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[SOLVED] CDM7160 - PPM Value Oscillation
Hi Guys,

It seems like the CDM7160 module is quite sensitive to noise from the power supply. I tested with several USB Chargers that i have and with all of them there is an oscillation of +/- 100 ppm in the output values. It also seems that some units are more affected from this than others.

On the other hand it works quite stable when powered from the Laptop or from a USB Battery.

I have contacted the manufacturer for some advice about this last week, but there is still no reply from them.

Unfortunately with the hobby-grage oscilloscope i have it is not possible to see further details, so next week i will go to a laboratory to analyze in detail what is the difference between the 5V from the Charger and the 5V from the Laptop. 

Most probably the solution will be some hardware filter that connects between the power supply and the device or between the sensors power supply and the base-board. Once i've figured it out and make it i will send it to all of you free of charge.

Regards, Vladimir

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