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* build 20170515
- Lot's of improvements in network connectivity, aiming to fix the sporadic cases where the devices fail to connect to the network after few hours or days of operation
- Improvements to RF handling and added support for Homeseer (currently the only platform that in fact can understand the messages sent). Also ping messages are not sent on boot and restart

*build 20170321

Disabled the IP Reuse. Now on each iteration the device will take an ip via DHCP (unless static configuration is used). This was meant to decrease the connection time for each iteration, but in fact in case for some reason this IP can no longer be used (or in some other cases) the device may not connect

* build 20170226

1. configuration for PIMatic is now correct and does not use http://:@<host> in case there is no password - this was causing the random restarts
2. rf jamming should be fixed now, regardless of whether RF was enabled or not. it turned out when RF is disabled jamming is much more likely to occur, due to some floating HIGH value for the RF sending pin

* build 20170219
Added Support for controlling the RGB LED based on CO2 or Dust Levels
- improve handling of Access Point and connections from iPhones
- improve connections to mobile hotspots
- add support to disable auto start of Web Socket support
- add support to disable hotspot creation in case of failed wifi connect
Remove silent Firmware Update
Add support for Light sensor and automatic brightness of RGB LED
- Blynk - make it a bit more robust in case there is no wifi
- Blynk - ability to easy enable and disable it
- CM110x - add 2 seconds delay befor powering up the sensor - to give it chance to boot

Config Tool
- New Button - rescan sensors - needs to be done once new sensors are added
- imporved robustness of Restart, etc.. buttons, they were not recognizing correctly the start of the device
- Add option to disable WebSockers and Hotspot on start
- fix Domoticz configuration for Dust
- add Notification if there is newer firmware
- add support for configuring RGB Led
- add support to adjust brightness of RGB Led for devices with or w/o a built-in light sensor
- add support for manual IP entering
- remove Sales logo
- fix firefox support
- fix device scanning in Firefox
- store last found Host in browser, so that it is reused next time

* build 20170123
- WiFi Configuration is now supported
- Stability update for I2C and WiFi config. Now I2C Bus and installed sensors are detected only once after factory reset
- LED Functions - Signals on Wifi Connect/Fail and in Debug mode - also for I2C device failures
- lots of small bugs and fixes

* build 20161215
- added support for Blynk
- optimized firmware startup, so now it connects faster to WiFi

* build 20161205
- LOTs of changes in the firmware, mainly for stability and maintainability
- Most notable change is the automatic temperature handling for the different sensors - BME280 usually shows 0.5C above, SI7021, and BMP180 - 0.5 C below, so now both are automatically corrected to be in line with SI
- Big overhaul of the Chrome config Tool and also did quite some effort to improve consistency and stability

* build 20161006
- added some averaging to the CDM7160 output. Seems iike it is needed to get a stable output. The CM1102 apparently has quite a large RunningAverage built it

* build 20161005
- additional small fix for CDM7160 sensor, sometimes it was possible that the sensor configuration was not properly updated in the initial device start, which could result in some drifting values
- some fixes for RFCommunication - if enabled - it would put the device in WIFI Configuration mode, which would then overwrite some settings

* build 20160926
- Improved internal robustness a lot - this was causing sending of unreplaced values like %CO2%, etc
- removed the appearance of some default Accesspoint ESP_*

* build 20160925 (auto update)
- Configuration over Wifi was not storing properly the SSID and PASS and subsequent restarts were again not connecting

* build 20160924 (auto update)
- added functionality to configure via Wifi only:
- fixed problem with passwords longer than 20-30 characters

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