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power/comms plug?
OK, I've found the problem. The user that runs chromium needs to be a member of the dialout group in order to have access to ttyUSB0. I'm guessing the app was receiving a permissions error when it tried to open the device, so it would be helpful to report that.

BTW, the webstore now says I have version 8.3 and it looks like the picture in the webstore.

Now all I need to do is find out how to actually use the app to configure the device ...
Sorry, i was a busy last week so coudn't answer to refullarily.
Well, you need to set your Wifi network on the first page and then press the [Set Wifi] button (static IP configuration is optoinal)
and then in the tab for your Home Automation system - you need to enter the details, or register an account in some of hte online services and let the device push there.
I published last week two guides
Maybe they would be helpful to you

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