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Vesprino install

I uploaded the firmware

Got the google chrome app working...

Now I am stuck, how do a add a cookie?

Like a pluged in a pir and a lcd... what do I do?
Aahhh Smile) i still haven't got time to create some examples for this and i need to update a bit the Config Tool to be able to handle them. But this week I got a bit stuck with it Sad i will post some examples later
Did you happen to find time to create some examples?
I saw the Vesprino board and I am interested in building a water meter.
This can either be optical, with a reed switch or with a Hall effect sensor.
unfortunately not yet Sad
in fact it is a ESP8266 development board, so anything you can do on the ESP you can do also on the board
my idea was to position it as some kind of entry level board with more examples and additional cookies so that you can connect easily multiple sensors, but it didn't get too much traction (compared to the other projects), so i have not spend time in developing the idea further

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