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MQTT retain bit - Ed Davies - 06-29-2017

Is there any way of setting the retain bit on topics published to an MQTT broker?

Up to now I've mostly been using my monitors just for logging but with MQTTDash on my phone it's nice to be able to have a quick glance at the temperatures, etc, but a bit tedious to wait up to 2 minutes for a fresh update. I've changed my logging code to ignore retained messages and set some other scripts which publish other information (power consumption and temperatures from some 1-wire sensors) to set the retain bit which works well with MQTTDash. Be nice to do the same with the vAir sensors.

RE: MQTT retain bit - admin - 06-29-2017

yeah... i will add it, i planned to add it long time ago but i forgot
i will add a checkbox, that - when checked - all mqtt messages will be with the retained flag

RE: MQTT retain bit - Ed Davies - 06-29-2017

Thanks, I'll look forward to it.