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[SOLVED] Brightness/Light Sensor - joshi04 - 02-10-2017

Hello Vladimir,

you've mentioned that you have startet to implement the brightness/light sensor on the mainboard. Is there already something to test?
As far as I've understood by now configuring the lux topic within the MQTT configuration does not have any effect.

Thanks and best regards,

RE: Brightness/Light Sensor - admin - 02-11-2017

yeah.. i started it over christmas, but since then i haven't had time to finalize it. Now i've finished preparing the orders from january and sent them, so this week i hope i will have time to finish my started work, also in other areas around the device

RE: Brightness/Light Sensor - joshi04 - 02-11-2017

Ah, ok. No hurry.
I just thought I missed something or did not set up the right configuration.

RE: Brightness/Light Sensor - admin - 02-19-2017

i finally released it
here are some details