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RF Connectivity - admin - 09-22-2016

Discuss RF Connectivity

RE: RF Connectivity - nmaster - 12-09-2016


I got my vAir monitor with RF 433 option last week.

I want to enable RF to get values over RF 433, received by my rfxcom attached to a raspberry pi running domoticz.

In the config tool, what are the form fields under the "Enable RF" checkbox used for ?
There is one for each sensor.

What I would like is to disable wifi, and only use rF 433 if doable.

Thank you.

I activated RF, and I got values in each field.

Now my rfxcom doesn't see anything.

What protocol must I activate on the rfxcom to get sensors values ?

RE: RF Connectivity - nmaster - 12-09-2016

OK, After restarting the vair monitor rfxcom saw 4 sensors RFXmeter.

In Domoticz I get 4 RFX meter sensors:

RFXMeter RFXMeter counter 101.936 kWh that is actually air pressure: 1019.36
RFXMeter RFXMeter counter 81.100 kWh that is actually CO2: 811
RFXMeter RFXMeter counter 1.000 kWh I don't know what it is
RFXMeter RFXMeter counter 79.300 kWh I don't know what it is

What firmware should I load on my rfxcom 433E ?

I have the 1007 Ext version for now.

RE: RF Connectivity - admin - 12-10-2016

Aahh great, yeah - the RF section is currently the only thing left with high prio on my backlog and i was planning to give it a go this week.
Each RFXMeter message is sent with an ID - you can configure the IDs in the Config Tool.
For the "GEN" field (143 by default) you can remove the ID from there - this is the ID where the device sends some values that some sensors report but are not configured yet. And i recently started pushing some values for IP and UPTIME, which may be the ones that you do not recognize

For the other values - CO2, TEMP, Pressure - the value is multiplied by 100 and then sent as an integer.

This is the current state.

Couple of months back i had a discussion with Bert from rfxcom on integrating the device there. What we agreed is that i will start using
RFXSensor for temperature, pressure and humidity
and RFXMeter for Dust, CO2 and High Precision temperature (RFXSensor is only 0.5 degree precision)
Quote:Good idea to use the RFXSensor protocol for temp, hum and baro because it does not need any adaptation in the applications and RFXtrx.
I think you can use the RFXMeter as it is because at this moment the type of metering (power, gas, water) is selected in the applications. This could also be done for your CO2 and dust measuring. And high precision temp is also possible. 
I propose not to change anything.
So in domoticZ you would need to select for the corresponding IDs what they are and mutiply them accordingly

What is strange is why you do not get the Temperature reading, is there an ID for the TEMP ?

RE: RF Connectivity - nmaster - 12-10-2016

Hi Vladimir, Thanks for reply.

For TEMP I have 140 as ID, it is the default one.

RFXcom or domoticz doesn't see RFXsensors, only 4 RFXMeters.
I'm trying resetting and detecting sensors on Domoticz one more time to check.

OK, now I have reinitialized the device, I get allo sensors like this:

RFXMeter RFXMeter counter 1.745 kWh corresponding to TEMPR in the configuration tool
RFXMeter RFXMeter counter 1.645 kWh corresponding to TEMP
RFXMeter RFXMeter counter 4.755 kWh corresponding to HUM
RFXMeter RFXMeter counter 101.695 kWh corresponding to PRES
RFXMeter RFXMeter counter 95.700 kWh corresponding to CO2
RFXMeter RFXMeter counter 1.300 kWh corresponding to PM10 or PM 2.5 (same value on config tool)
RFXMeter RFXMeter counter 1.300 kWh corresponding to PM10 or PM 2.5

Now the issue I have is domoticz, because I don't know if I can change the counter unity.
Will chez on domoticz.

RE: RF Connectivity - vaanja - 12-10-2016

Same here, but I suggest to wait until Vladimir incorporate necessary details into new firmware. I think it is still on his backlog.

RE: RF Connectivity - nmaster - 12-10-2016

I agree with you vaanja, I only make a report as new user, it can be helpful to improve things.

After testing more, I think there is no issue with RFXcom.
It's the domoticz part that seems to be problematic.

I can't chose TEMP, HUM, PRES, CO2 or DUST as type of rfxmeter in the domoticz config page.
I can only select gas, water, energy, counter, energy generated and unknown rfxmeter type.
That's why I get values with kWh.

But I can get rid of this by using virtual sensors and populate them with values from the rfxmeter sensors.

RE: RF Connectivity - admin - 12-11-2016

Aahhh thanks!
I will then get back to the developers of DomotcZ and ask them to add this.

As for the RFXSensor - i haven't yet implemented the proposal from Bert, this is why you do not get those messages but only RFXMeter

RE: RF Connectivity - nmaster - 12-11-2016

Ok Vladimir, thank you very much.

I'll be happy to test RF with RFXcom/domoticz again when updates will be avaliable in firmware or domoticz.

Just let me know.

For now, I use Wifi with domoticz integration provided in the firmware. It works great.

But my final goal is to use RF.

RE: RF Connectivity - nethenic - 01-11-2017


Just received my vAir Monitor (CO2+DUST,+TEMP+PRESS+RF433), working good with Wifi, but no luck with RF.

I've updated my rfxtrx433e with latest firmware, updated my vAir monitor with latest firmware too (by linux shell, not working via chrome app) but I've never seen RFXMETER sensors in Domoticz (update done too here Smile.
I've activated all the protocole/modes of rfxtrx433e and nothing too. I've rebooted, unplugged all the boxes (rfxcom, vAir, pc), and always nothing.
Is there something I forgot to activate inside Domoticz or rfx config ? (Oregon sensors have been immediatly detected)

Thank-you for your help by advance (and your vAir is just wonderful !)

This is what the logs say :

Searching for v.Air Trying : /dev/ttyUSB0

.  . [ÈdOp˜KRJÑø@xtIìû]
[„•…ÁHeap at start: 37392]
. [vESPrino v1.16 build20170103]

vESPrino found on : /dev/ttyUSB0
crc61nop 0
nop 0
ready >

--- Setup SENSORS ---

vESPrino v1.16 build20170103
IP address:
Chip ID: 2BDCF6
ready >
ready >
Found BMP085 - Temperature/Pressure Sensor
Found PM2005 - Dust / Particle Sensor]
Found CDM7160 CO2 Sensor
[--- Setup DESTINATIONS ---
[Heap At setup end: 34832
------State changed to: 0
[--- DestHanlder: sendValue --- 1]
[Found BMP085 - Temperature/Pressure Sensor]
[Raw CO2: 701]
IP    :
RUNTIME    : 5
TEMP    : 22.20
TEMPR    : 22.10
PRES    : 994.69
PM25    : 3
PM10    : 3
CO2    : 701
CO2R    : 701
[ready >]