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static IP address - baz123 - 10-21-2016

Is it possible to set a static IP address?

RE: static IP address - admin - 10-21-2016

Yes, it is technically possible, i just need to make it configurable.
Unless something critical pops up in the next couple of days i will add it and post update

RE: static IP address - baz123 - 10-21-2016

Great Thanks

[SOLVED] static IP address - admin - 10-24-2016

i just added this functionality, to get it, first update to the latest fw by sending command 


and then
static_wifi ip,gateway,subnet,dns1,dns2,

notice the , at the end, and all parameters are required, for dns1 and dns2 you can add the same value
also - no spaces around the commas

(the command is intended for to be used by the UI config tool, but it is still lagging in features Smile

to disable it -
static_wifi ,,,,,

RE: static IP address - baz123 - 10-25-2016

Excellent. I'll give it a try.