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Device stops sending data after a while.

This situation is quite tricky to debug as just getting the logs may be too problematic due to the fact that the situation occurs at random times. I still do not know the exact root cause. It is rather software issue, in relation with some specific environmental factors.

There are a couple of ways to troubleshoot it.

1. Enable debug mode and what the LED does on each iteration (defailt iteration time is 2 minutes)
The colors are as follows:

- Device boot: 2x Lila/Black
- Device start after each iteration: 3x Lila/Black
- No I2C devices found: (right after boot): Lila/Red/Lila/Red/Lila
- I2C failure: (E.g. initially sensors were found but then no longer): Yellow/Red/Yellow/Red/Yellow
- Wifi Search: LightBlue / Blue (blinking each second, up to 10 seconds)
- Wifi Found: 3x LightBlue
- Wifi Not Found: 3x Red/LightBlue
- Send OK: 3x green
- Send Failed: 3x Red

2. Sending logs to an HTTP Destination: In case there are some problems with the sensors, and this is the reason why the device doesn't send data, and not missing Wifi connectivity - this way you can monitor it for longer periods from the location where it is usually connected.
To accomplish this, run a Node.JS server or other.. Like this one here and then configure the URL in the config tool in vESPrino->LoggingHTTPDest

3. Logging via the Config Tool / USB
By default the config tool will enable a mode where the device will not go to sleep, so stuff that were failing before could work just because the device doesnt go to sleep. To overcome this - once connected via the config tool. Simply send the command "restart" from the input field on the bottom (and not pressing the Button [Restart], as it would enable the mode again). This way the device will boot in it's normal mode. Have in mind that if the logs in the config tool become too much, it may start slowing the browser, so you can delete them (Ctrl-A / Delete), if the device is still running. Especially when debug mode is enabled, the logs are quite a lot

4. Disabling sleep.
You can also disable the device going to sleep. E.g. in case this is the problem. To do this go to Config Tool/vESPrino, Find "Go To Sleep Time", enter there, 0, save and reboot. This way the device will not go to sleep.

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