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Randomly stop broadcasting (vESPrino v1.16 build20170228)
I recently updated the firmware of the CO2 Monitor through USB and I started noticing that the device stops broadcasting information to my Domoticz app. I checked the device and It appears as if it was powered down.

Here is the log when the device boots up:

This is what it looks like in the domoticz app:
[Image: XYEUAwx0xx2Lh4-L3yFBjI6CtPmu9nsWIEGmO5fh...ize_mode=3]
i will check
there is some logic, where each time the device wakes up it tries to reuse it's last IP. And currently - if this fails - the device wouldn't seach for a new IP

i will prepare a fix in the evening for this
and let's hope this is indeed the root cause
can you try to upgrade again to the latest firmware

now it will take an ip on each iteration
I've updated the Firmware a minute ago and I am waiting to see what happens.
I've set-up my router to distribute a fixed IP-address to the MAC of the Vair Monitor so I don't quite understand how the described problem is occurring. I will report back in a few days if I have more information.
well i am also not quite sure
it may be that due to some missing fallback logic, if for some reason the device fails to connect, then i store the IP that i get and then just reuse it.. up to now i didn;t check this i think

but it may well be another problem
sadly it only happens randomly in some people's setups
It is still happening, so the issue is not resolved.
in this case, can you enable debug mode, the device will start to blink, depending on whether it succeeds to send or connect to WiFi, and this way - once it stops (if it stops in debug mode) you can tell me how it blinks
and in fact - you didn;t have this issue before, right ?

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