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New Functionalities in Build 2017.02.19
(02-19-2017, 01:31 PM)vaanja Wrote: Sucesfully updated older CM1106 version. The only outstanding questions are regarding CO2 LED levels - How are levels/colors calculated? Is it specific for every sensor? As far as I know there are different max. levels for each sensor type so I would like to know if e.g. for 2000ppm will be set to violet LED for all types of sensors. (some of them hax max. level 2000ppm and another 10000ppm).
Also for wifi config - I'm not able to use configuration via wifi - my sensor has got IP from DHCP, but not working at all (tested on chrome, firefox, edge, IE). Any hint how to use wifi config?

After some testing I found I need to disable deep sleep if I want to have CM1106 configurable via wifi (Go to sleep time(sec):0)

you shoudn't need to set this property, as the CM1106 and CM1102 do not go to sleep. But in general the WebSocket server is stopped 5 min after start, so if you did not connect to it, perhaps it had stopped.
as for the ranges - currently it is hardcoded as described on the RGB Led Page - 400-3000 ppm for co2.
If i remember correctly i haven't shipped with 2000 ppm sensors, only 5000 and 10000.
In general the ranges can be made configurable, as well as the colors

and what color you get for each level you can see when you press the Sweep Color Range (but i guess it will be more reliable over serial port,as there can be some delay in WSS communication)

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