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[SOLVED] CM1102Sensor not detected since Dec Firmware update
with crashing- you mean, that it is not sending data any more ?
as for deep sleep
the CM1102-based do not go into deepSleep as they have no Temperature Sensor, so some additional milliamps will not hurt
can you try updating to the latest fw - 20170203 (if you do not have it already) and enable debug mode. Then each time the device tries to send and fails it will blink the led
and once it stops sending - just check how it blinks and tell me
it may be that it looses wifi connection at some point of time
the latest firmware will reboot the device each few hours
The CDM7160 do this on each iteration
but for CM1102 and CM1106 it was not being done. So perhaps at some point of time the WiFi Connection drops and needs to be monitored
But until i need the firmware to operate continuously - this shouldn't be a problem (e.g. serving inbound HTTP Requests)
Yep, seems to be fixed.

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