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Serial Comms
I am old-fashioned so like to have simple serial comms that I understand rather than this newfangled HTTP/MQTT over wifi and chrome app fanciness. At least to start with.

This does not seem to be documented anywhere, but I've discovered that (once you got the thing initialised with the chrome app (which just seems to be doing serial comms, so presumably we could arrange for this not to be necessary?)) the device sends out data at the configured period at 256400 baud down the serial conneciton. Excellent.

2$n�+�h���y$��Heap Heap at start: 35520
Found i2c bus on SDA:SCL = D5Big Grin1 (14:5)

vESPrino v1.16 build20161024
IP address:
Chip ID: 23FE8C
ready >
Waiting for auto-connect
Device will go to Deep Sleep mode, once data is sent. Press [Enter] to abort

Setup plugin: Neopixel
Setup plugin: DweetIO
Setup plugin: WebServer
Setup plugin: TimerManager

--- Setup SENSORS ---
                     Setup sensor: TEST
Setup sensor: SI7021
Found SI7021 - Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Setup sensor: BME280
Setup sensor: BMP085
Setup sensor: PM2005
Setup sensor: CDM7160
Found CDM7160 CO2 Sensor

--- Setup DESTINATIONS ---
                          Setup Destination: CustomHTTP
Setup Destination: SerialDump
Setup Destination: MQTT
Setup Destination: RFX10
Heap At setup end: 33312

--- DestHanlder: sendValue --- 1
Found SI7021 - Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Raw CO2: 1638
CustomHTTPDest::invoke =
Error Code: -1 = connection refused
TEMP    : 20.47
HUM     : 68.34
CO2     : 1649
CO2R    : 1638
Going into power-safe mode for 30 seconds

And if I hit return I get a prompt
ready >
at which I can type help:
help - This help page
## - ##cmd1##cmd2##..##cmdN##
prop_list - prop_list
prop_set - prop_set "key" "value"
prop_jset - prop_jset "key"=value
info -
factory - Return to defaults
debug - Turn on debug
scani2c - Scan I2C Bus
dumpi2c - Scan I2C Bus
dumpCfg - Dump EEPROM Contents
heap - Free heap
restart -
sss -
sertest -
oled -
otahtest - HCP Cfg 1
otah - HCP Cfg 2
otau - HCP Cfg 2
fupd - HCP Cfg 2
scan -
wifi -
static_wifi -
ping -
sndiot -
sleeptype -
delay -
ipconfig -
nop - nop - no command, send to prevent going into power-safe operation during UI interaction
deepsleep - nop - no command, send to prevent going into power-safe operation during UI interaction
ledcolor - ledcolor
ledbrg - ledbrg
ledmode - ledmode
dweet_start - dweet_start interval_Sec
webserver_start - webserver_start
testSensor - testSensor toggle testSesnor
siInit -
bmeInit -
bmpInit -
pm2005quiet - pm2005quiet 22:00,03:00,180 (zulu start, zulu end, tz offset in minutes)
pm2005int - pm2005int 20,3600 (measure time in seconds - active, quiet (<30sec = dynamic mode)
cdmloop - cdmtest b - b for DEBUG - test CDM7160 sensor
cdmtest - cdmtest b - b for DEBUG - test CDM7160 sensor
cdmreg - cdmreg "regid" "value"
cdmperf - cdmreg "regid" "value"
custom_url_add - custom_url_add "idx","url"
custom_url_jadd - custom_url_add "idx","url"
custom_url_clean - custom_url_clean - clean all custom urls
serial_dump_toggle - serial_dump_toggle toggle serial dump output
mqtt_setup - mqtt_setup "idx"value
mqtt_msg_add - mqtt_msg_add "idx"value
mqtt_msg_clean - mqtt_msg_clean - clean all mqtt messages
rf_setaddr - rf_setaddr "CO2" "136"
rf_test - rf_setaddr "CO2" "136"
cfgiot1 - HCP Cfg 1
cfgiot2 - HCP Cfg 2
A - AT FW Mock A:
G - AT FW Mock G:
cfggen -
cfg_mqtt -
cfg_mqval -
atest_mqtt -
wsi -
sendNow - Process destinatios and send

Some of that is fairly obvious. Some less so. Is there a protocol doc I've missed somewhere or would it be helpful if I started one? Is there a wiki or only this forum and the git repos?
Aahhh.. you've done such a research, i hope at least you had fun Smile
yeah.. this is a firmware that i've been developing for the past 2 years

And also tried to popularize a bit recently in this failed indiegogo

Just last week i made the necessary changes so that it can be compiled easily by everyone. Next step is fixing the "help" command so that each command dumps a bit more data. Then i need to add more examples and documentaion. And then i try to popularize it in the ESP8266 community.

While there have been other trials for some kind of platform on top of the ESP like - MySensors and ESPEasy - both of them are rather targeted to makers who maintain their own stuff, and not so much about running a product with customers that face bugs and need support. The other thing is the heat management that isn't implemented in neither of them, so you cannot use small enclosures to host the ESP8266 and temperature sensors.

Just give me a couple of weeks and i will start publishing those stuff.

you can also have a look on the Chrome Config tool, which is pure JS, HTML5 and Bootstrap

which sends the commands
Hi Vladimir,
did you have a chance to evaluate ESP8266 successor ESP32?
It looks very promising for future use.

vThing - CO2 Monitor v1.15 (CM1106 NDIR+WIFI)
vAir Monitor (CDM7160 CO2 Sensor, BME280 - Temp/Hum/Press Sensor, RF433)
not yet (too many unexpected surprises with the current sensor Wink )

in general i expect that it will take 6-7 months until the firmware support for it is stabilized

in general i plan to base my next board on it, so that there woould be also bluetooth support and battery option Smile
and we will see what else

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