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to 79-74 early in the fourth, but Lou
[Image: Jacob%20Co%20Astronomia%20Zodiac%20watch...AC.ABB.jpg]
Hands on Jacob & Co. Astronomy Sky
Jacobs' unique tourbillon tourbillon series creates astronomical complications.Jacob & Co Astronomia Zodiac AT100.40.AC.AB.B, Usually, they are not meant to represent the actual astronomical period with a high degree of accuracy (this is the most complex example of a watch, and it may now be a Celestia watch by Vacheron Constantin). Instead, they are a dynamic sculpture of the wrist, based on a four-arm support system that supports various additional displays or representations of celestial bodies.
The Astronomia watch also has a thick case with a high dome crystal, which highlights the three-dimensional nature of the carrier structure (and provides a truly heavenly visual effect). Although we have said that, in general, accurate celestial periods are not what Jacobs is pursuing in these tables, as far as astronomical sky is concerned, it can indicate the stellar time and the stellar overhead very accurately.
The entire bracket system rotates around the turntable every 20 minutes. At the end of each arm, there is a dial that moves clockwise to show the time. A stylized rocket ship running seconds indicator that rotates about its own axis every minute; a dual-axis tourbillon (the center of rotation is added to the planet carrier, which is actually a three-axis tourbillon) and cut by orange sapphire Made of rotating globes.
The dial showing the time is fixed to the differential system, so it always faces up regardless of the position of the bracket mounted on it. Behind it, you can see the central globe, which rotates in the colored sapphire hemisphere (the globe is hand-carved titanium and rotates every 24 hours).perfect replica watches
The tourbillon rotates about its innermost axis every 60 seconds and the outer axis every five minutes (of course, 3 times per hour inside the watch).
Primitive astronomy has a diamond with a spherical facet, and here you will see orange sapphires in the sky. The idea of the diamond is that it is a stylized representation of the moon. Orange sapphire looks similar to this, but you can do it because its rotation period is not designed to simulate any particular celestial body, so you can pretend it is the orange planet or star of your choice (I will be heading to Mars ... it seems Used with a rocket ship on the opposite vehicle). The gem has 288 facets, and the cut was developed specifically for gems used in astronomy and is actually patented. Since the central stand rotates every 20 minutes, the watch will look different every time you look at it, and if you wear it on your wrist, you may look at it often.
Now, did we mention that astronomical watches are not usually about astronomical precise celestial periods? However, the sky of astronomy does incorporate the real-time complexity of stars. You can find it in the dark blue titanium dial with its constellation and 18k gold stars. Once every stellar day, the oval-shaped circle representing the horizon rotates around the dial. The stars and constellations appearing inside the dial are the ovals currently visible replica watches
The transparent side of the case allows you to see the month indicator on the side of the dial-the dial actually rotates, making one full revolution every star year.
Considering its size and complexity, you might think that Astronomia Sky is a bulky watch. It's definitely not lightweight (in any sense), but it's much more durable than you think, thanks in part to the fact that most of the watch's case is lightweight (such as titanium and sapphire ). .
This minimalist watchmaking technique is something that people often try a decade or so ago, but it takes a lot of energy to make it work, and you must have something that really exceeds what many people think they have. Talent, but this is not the case. It's also helpful if there are real technical points of interest behind the watch, and it's much harder to make all those relatively large components work together on a stand system than imagined from the visually spectacular end result. As a pure acting skill, there is hardly anything on par with astronomical sky, and I found that this particular model-the day, year and star chart indication with stars-is by far the most striking version.
Astronomical Sky: Designed by Jacob Arabo in collaboration with Studio 7h38. Movement, unique (obviously) hand-wound movement JCAM11; 40mm x 17.15mm (titanium main panel). It has a frequency of 21,600 vph, 42 jewels, and a three-axis tourbillon. Power reserve, 60 hours. Stellar day and year display with year and month indication; night sky indication. Lacquered hand-carved titanium balls rotate every 24 hours. 1 carat "Jacob Cut" orange sapphire with 228 facets. Case: 47 mm x 25 mm, rose gold, with sapphire glass window; domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. Water-resistant to 30 meters.Breitling Cockpit B50 Orbiter VB50106A1O1S1
TWIN TURBO-Double Three-Axis TOURBILLON Minute Repeater
Another shocking proposal from Jacobs! Motion-primitive-complex
This watch offers a rare combination! Sporty and sophisticated complex movement with minute repeater. In fact, this is true even in the minute repeater system, because the hour hand appears at one-tenth of a minute after the hour meter finishes (instead of the standard 15 minutes). Creation will then be completed in a minute-by-minute manner.
Car design is amazing! At first glance, you will understand the idea and the material is consistent with the idea. For example, the housing is made of titanium and carbon fiber.
The double three-axis tourbillon tourbillon looks like two working engines and you will need to spend hours observing them!
The back is also very developed, because the two skeleton parts provide interesting visual effects. If you look closely at the front, the effect lies between the dual three-axis tourbillons (finely mixed tiny gold parts).
The repeater repeater sounds very loud, and in a ten-minute system, this creation provides more "entertainment."
Wonderful and surprising timepiece! Congratulations
Movement manufacturing JCFM01
Manual winding
Frequency: 21'600 vib / h (3 Hz)
Power reserve: 72 hours
Components: 572
Jewels: 49
Hours, minutes, decimal minute repeater (hour, 10 minutes, single minute) Cathedral gong, dual three-axis tourbillon
Thickness 16.90mm
Material: Grade 5 titanium; carbon fiber
Water resistance: 30 meters
When you fall in love with mechanical movement, your dream will become everything! Will, Jacob and CO with "Clarity of Astronomy" . hublot CLASSIC FUSION FERRARI GT replica
In terms of visibility, they did push the concept further ... it all started with a grand movement. Its environment is also important, for example, using the "Kyropoulos method" to crystallize the sapphire material, we must say that it is very interesting to see all the details inside the dome. This is our favorite: the barrel at 9 o'clock and the brand logo on the gravity tourbillon cage.
65-hour power reserve. A little more than the previous version, and very much appreciated, as you have to use a hand-wound bow.
On the other hand, obviously, this is the right choice for this creation because it leaves space and "clarity".
The reason we like the 18k white gold version is because 80 carat baguette diamonds are integrated in the lugs, which is definitely another strength of JACOB & CO!
Here are some details about the four satellites:
First satellite: the gravitational tourbillon cage rotates along three axes:
First axis -60 seconds,
5 minutes on the second axis,
Third axis-center axis in 20 minutes
Internal rotation of the second satellite: hour, minute dial on the central axis for 20 minutes, and equipped with a patented differential gear system
Third satellite: 288 faceted "Jacob" spherical diamond spins on itself for 60 seconds and at 20 minutes
Rotate the fourth satellite internally: The hand-painted magnesium globe rotates on itself for 60 seconds and rotates within 20 minutes.
Good job, JACOB & CO!
Movement manufacturing JCAM12
Manual winding
Power reserve: 60 hours
Frequency: 21'600 vib / h (3 Hz)
Component: 365
Gems: 42
Hour and minute dials rotate on the central axis for 20 minutes (patented differential system)
Diameter: 50 mm
Water-resistant to 30 meters
18K white gold, sapphire with double anti-reflection treatment
Case: Sapphire with double anti-reflective treatment
18K white gold, lugs: 80 baguette diamonds invisible setting (approx. 6.10 carats)
Crystal: Unique domed sapphire with anti-reflective treatment
Bremont KINGSMAN replica watches
[Image: Breitling%20watch%20Cockpit%20B50%20Orbi...A1O1S1.jpg]

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