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Device stops sending data after a while
Hi Vladimir,
Thanks for the link. Sorry, even though I've looked through the other threads, I missed it. Maybe I've been looking for something different as by now I've recognized that within some of my sensors you've added the components before delivery already. Smile Nevertheless I know now how to patch the rest of them.

Thanks also for the mainboard also. The sensor now seems to operate properly. I would be interested if you find any results on the old one.
There are still some ticks on the pressure measurements on another one but I'll debug this separately later and additionally within a separate thread.

I'm looking forward for the new project and for sure have update one of my sensors to the new firmware already. Nevertheless in case of issue I propose starting a new thread also.?

Furthermore I've seen you've update the first post within the changelog thread. Please note the date of "last post" on the overview page seems not being updated by updating the post only. You might add a new release post to notify other users also. 
Maybe also adding a changelog for the chrome tool would be helpful too as I'm not sure if it updated automatically (not used to chrome apps).

Thanks for your support,
aa yeah.. you are right about the changelog.. i used to post some time a new post, but then i forgot why Smile
for the pressure sensor - it is really weird, it may be that only this is somehow defective or also the other do it ?

and for the config tool - it is automatically updated by chrome, indeed i need to describe what changed also there Smile
I just thought about editing my last post and sort correctly to the threads... In the meantime you answered already, at this early time...Big Grin 
Concerning the pressure sensors I'll open a separate thread as if I've performed some analysis. Thanks in advance.
after today's update I started having this problem - device stops sending data after a certain time after switching on.
Hm, at least on my side since the update this morning to vESPrino v1.16 build20170122 no issue like that. But currently it is running on the USB port of my MBP therefore might not have gone to sleep. I'll change to a usb power supply this evening.
(01-23-2017, 03:59 PM)alexei Wrote: after today's update I started having this problem - device stops sending data after a certain time after switching on.

can you enable debug mode, and then let it run
it will start blinking the led.. i will later explain what the blinking means
but in general - each sending cycle goes through
3 blue blinks - wifi connected
3 green blinks - data sent
3 red blinks - sending failed
or 3 red/blue blinks - wifi connection failed
or 3 red/lila = i2c issues
or 3 red/yellow = other types of i2c issues

there may be some othres but those are the main ones
please connect it and once it stops sending , tell me what are the blinks

i wll also post how to revert to the previous fw a bit later

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