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Device stops sending data after a while
I did some measurements as well.
In general if the power supply outputs more than 5.25v, the CO2 sensor does not work. I tried addinga schottky diode between the 5v of the board and 5v of the device, to drop it by 0.2 v, and it seems it started to work.
if you happen to have one of those or simillar, you can give it a try. if not i will send you tomorrow one, and will post some photos how to connect it.
Also the fact that the LED is not changing colors - this happens when the voltage is above 5.3v, then apparently this LED is not working well. I had added some diode to drop the voltage only for the LED, but it drops just 0.1v, so sometimes it is not enough
the sensor operates well at as low as 4.7v, so with the Diode included - it should be mostly fine.
I didn't really expect that that one is so picky to voltages, as all others i use work just fine. Apparently for the next revision, i will need to do something about this

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