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Device stops sending data after a while
A couple of you reported an issue that the device stops sending data after a while.
Since the CDM7160 ones and the Dust sensors, connect to the WiFi each 30-120 sec, i suspect that at some point of time the module stops being able to connect to the router. To help me clean this up I would need your help to identify if this is the root cause.
I've implemented a simple eventing mechanism in the firmware that allows to schedule a list of commands to be executed on certain times. It can be used in the following ways

First - Update to the latest version (with command "otah")
And then

Option 1 - disable the going of the device into sleep mode and then connecting to wifi again
prop_jset "event.setupEnd"##nop 0##

Have in mind that this will increase the heat in the device so Temperature and Humidity will be higher by 5-6 degrees

Option 2 - Change LED color when the device connects to Wifi or searches
If my theory is right, at some point of time, the LED will not become blue any more. If this happens - i will try to make some changes in the FW to somehow retry harder to connect to Wifi
prop_jset "event.wifiSearching"##ledcolor orange##
prop_jset "event.wifiConnected"##ledcolor cyan##

If the LED is too dim to be seen, you can use
prop_jset "event.wifiSearching"##ledbrg 90##ledcolor orange##
prop_jset "event.wifiConnected"##ledbrg 90##ledcolor cyan##
you can play with the value of ledbrg command 100 is off, by default it is 97
(there is also a Photoresistor on the board that should match the light of the LED according to the ambient light, but i haven't yet integrated it)

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