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Access over WiFi
I also added this, to use it there is a command that needs to be executed "webserver_start", which is not yet persistent (compared to the static ip configuration)
(use "otah" to update to latest fw)

to make it run automatically when the device starts
prop_lset "event.setupEnd"##webserver_start##

since the device goes to low power mode after 3 minutes, you can disable this by
prop_lset "event.setupEnd"##webserver_start##nop 0##

as a result, temperature would go up

to call the web server - 120
to set he interval to 120 (it should respond "Received")
The lowest is 30 seconds, but i plan to make this configurable as well

the other alternative is to use as an mediator - it is a simple web service that can hold messages for short time .. you do not need any registration, just choose some name for your dweet key
It works when you send a message to it, and a device polls for messages
to enable it - first configure your dweet id (this is persistent)
prop_set "dweet.cmdkey","your_key"
your_key can be e.g. baz123_device1 (of course if someone sends dweet to this key, the device will receive it Smile - there ar some paid plans to have passwords, etc..)

then to start - the command is "dweet_start 5" - to poll each 5 seconds (do not use 1 second, as the service may refuse connections to your device)
to start this when the device boots
prop_lset "event.setupEnd"##dweet_start 5##

once the device goes to low-power mode, each time it wakes up it will check for new messages and execute them (so then the 5 sec timeout is not relevant)
to send a dweet 120

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