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[SOLVED] Option to activate/deactivate the PM2005 particle sensor
I just made an update to support quiet hours. i still haven't integrate it with the UI though, maybe in the next 1-2 days i will do
but if you want to give it a try, you need to send two commands via the config tool

pm2005quiet 20:00,08:00,180

this will turn on quite hours from 20 - 8h, and 180 is the timezone offset from GMT (e.g. 3 hours), also it could be -180.. etc (usually the config tool would set it)
for now - daylight changes are not reflected

pm2005int 0,3600

set the interval to measure in active and quiet time in seconds - first is active then quiet
anything below 300 (5 minutes) will turn on Dynamic mode - in this mode, the device turns on the fan for 36 seconds, then off for 24 - this is one cycle. The next cycle - it turns it on and if in the first 6 seconds the change in the dust levels was negligible it turns the fan off and then retries in 54 seconds - else it continues a normal cycle.

Anything above 300 seconds will set the interval to so much seconds, and at the start of each interval - the device will turn on the fan for 36 seconds

you can update to the latest version and give it a try if you like using a command


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