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[SOLVED] No Drivers for macOS Sierra
(09-24-2016, 05:24 AM)admin Wrote: Guys, looks like there are no drivers for the CH340G for macOS Sierra yet
i will add configuration over wifi directly latest until the evening today

Well, to solve this i included a functionality that i had planned for the near future, so now it is a bit dirty but should work.
The device can now be configured also w/o connection to a computer. Since you need a firmware update for this, and you cannot configure it, what you need to do is

1. Create a wifi hotspot (e.g. from your mobile or router) "vladiHome" and password "0888414447" - this is a default maintenance network where the devices try to connect in case nothing else is found 
2. when you turn on now the device, it would connect to this network, and download the new firmware (led will be RED for 20-30 seconds)
3. turn off the "vladiHome" network and restart the device
4. wait 15 seconds (the device starts and tries to connect to some network for 10 seconds) 
5. now press the button and hold it for 4 seconds. It will light light blue when you press it and after 4 seconds - dark blue
6. Now there will be a new network "vAirMonitor" - no pass
7. connect to it and go to
8. here you can configure your wifi and setup the connection to your preferred home automation system via HTTP or MQTT
delete all things that are not needed, as else they will be stored
info for MQTT is here :
for the placeholders here:
for HTTP:
and some examples:

after you store it, you need to restart the device
it should connect to Wifi (led will not show it) and within 10 seconds you should get the first reading reported to the connection you configured

if this does not work for some reason, i will add some additional status updates via the led, also in near feature i plan to make it a bit more beautiful Smile

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