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Device sends %CO2% instead of the actual value
(09-30-2016, 07:44 AM)admin Wrote:
(09-30-2016, 07:29 AM)freakstar Wrote: Strange, after I posted yesterday it was working I disconnected the sensor from my computer and connected it elsewhere to a normal USB power supply. Then the CO2 value stops working again...? Even when I power it of for a while, looks like it isn't working when not connected to my computer?

Hmm does the Led light violet for some time after you connect it to the USB Power?
And if you connect it to the computer and then check the output from the Chrome app - is it working ?

hmmm .. and actually what means it is not working - sending %CO2% or not sending anything

Connected to the computer it is working fine.

I think the issue is my power supply. What are the minimum requirements? For now I have connected it to an other USB power supply and it looks like that fixed it.

Power supply was the issue. Switched from one which said it has 2000 mA output to 1200 mA and now it is working fine!

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