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Device sends %CO2% instead of the actual value
About LED staying magenta
This happens when the device restarts - usually - once it goes into deep sleep (between 1 minute and 5 minute) depending on the firmware version (latest is 5 min) the led turns off and does not turn on.
But with the new feature, that was restarting the device in the beginning, if there is problem with I2C - it may have interferred with it.

About the images - i am Really Sorry!
I made those photos a month ago, but somehow was too lazy to upload them to the forum Sad
This is what you need to do - the idea is to drop 0.1-0.2 v from the 5+v comming to the 5V of the CO2 sensor
and the CAP fits nicely in the holes for the USB Male Plug - just take a look on the polarity - GND is the hole that is farther away from the Micro USB plug

And now that you open it - try to connect and disconnect all jumper wires. Up to now my assumption is that those connections are stable and would not cause such problems - but this will be only until the first problem with them pops up.
[Image: cap.jpg]

[Image: diode.jpg]

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