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Device sends %CO2% instead of the actual value
(12-18-2016, 07:40 PM)Ed Davies Wrote: I couldn't see where to configure the sampling rate but the default two minutes is fine, really.
Oops, I see that's at the top of the Settings page. Must have been scrolled down a bit and missed it somehow.

However, with the new version (20161222) it stopped sending soon after 06:39 this morning. The device is still active as I've had a “ping -a” pointed at it for hours and it pings once or twice every approximately two minutes and twenty seconds. I.e., it's logging on to the WiFi router for about one or two seconds every 160 seconds or so.

It's plugged into a power supply (USB wall wart originally for a Hudl Android tablet) which has seemed good in the past. As such it's not plugged into my computer and I'd have to power it off and on again to do that. Before I unplug it are there any other tests I can do other than confirm it's responding to pings while logged in?

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RE: Device sends %CO2% instead of the actual value - by Ed Davies - 12-23-2016, 04:24 PM

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