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excited, but have some questions...
Hi Jason,

Thank you for your interest! To your questions

-> Battery Powered
I hope to have more news in a month. I have ordered a batch of 100 pcbs last month and they arrived. But i still haven't got time to check them. It is highly probbale that they woudn't work Smile So i expect to have something working around May
-> Disabling Wifi
In general the device sleeps most of the time, and wakes up on configured intervals to send data. With Wifi enabled, on each iteration it needs ~80ma for 10 seconds. With RF only it would need ~30ma for 2 seconds. But you also need to consider the CO2 Sensor needs to work for 60 seconds @10ma until it gets stable result, and the Dust sensor - for 30 seconds @60ma. Once the VOC sensor is ready it will consume 8 ma permanently

For power adapters all in all the device consumes up to 200 ma when Wifi sends data. There are though some crappy ones from aliexpress for 1$ that have lots of noise. One of then even burned one CO2 sensor. But after that i started adding a diode to limit the voltage, and an additional capacitor to smooth a bit the input ripple. Though i haven't yet had time to check in detail how it behaves, but i believe it should be fine. Also too long (2+ meters) and thin USB cables are not too good, as some of them would drop more than 0.5v @ 200 ma, and then the CO2 sensor would not work (4.7v minimum)

About the temperature
Both the CO2 sensor and the Dust sensor work above -10, the CO2 sensor is up to 70, but the Dust sensor is up to 50
Anyway i plan to add a feature to shut down the Dust sensor if temperatures go outside of it's range.
But the storage temperature of the dust sensor is also specified at 60 degrees C
High humidity - 95% is not a problem for both sensors

And about home assistant - yeah - there are lots of people using it. So it will work. There was a topic even here, some fellow tried integrating with mqtt, and eventually he succeeded... i need to find where it was

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