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New Functionalities in Build 2017.02.19
You are right, after 5min WSS gone.
How can I achieve situation that my CO2 Monitor is always reacheable via wifi? I have only CM1106+Wifi and sensor is powerd from USB charger so I dont want to lost ability to reset or change settings after 5 min. If something get wrong with device I need to physically re-connect te device which is the same as I unplug it from USB charger and connect it via computer usb for config.
Is there any other reason (than power saving/heat) for switching WSS off after 5min?

vThing - CO2 Monitor v1.15 (CM1106 NDIR+WIFI)
vAir Monitor (CDM7160 CO2 Sensor, BME280 - Temp/Hum/Press Sensor, RF433)

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RE: New Functionalities in Build 2017.02.19 - by vaanja - 02-20-2017, 08:51 AM

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