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MQTT connection to HomeAssistant not working
(01-25-2017, 11:17 AM)admin Wrote: thanks, when i was reading the docs, i found only the MQTT method but not hte HTTP Smile
i will add it.
currently there is no support for arbitrary headers just the content type, i will add also an option to specify generic headers
here is how currently the custom HTTP config has to look like for more details


I have been running my vair monitor with homeassistant without problems for the last months. Works great :-)

But now, that I've started integrating other hardware into home assistant, I come to the point where I do not want to to operate it without password access. Unfortunately, enabling password requries the password to be send in the HTTP header when sending sensor data from vair to home assistant.

Do you have any news if configuring custom http header is possible now? I could not see any information about it in the change log.

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