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to 79-74 early in the fourth, but Lou
[Image: MB%20F%20watch%20HM4%20Thunderbolt%20Black.jpg]
MB & F Watchmaker N ° 3 – Gale

Megawind, on the other hand, is the latest version of HM3 we've seen, and is likely to be the last.MB&F HM4 replica watches. The reason for this is to more vividly highlight the tomahawk-shaped winding rotor, thus creating all the dynamic impressions of the work. It got bigger (hence the name-Megawind), and when you run it, it hides somewhat majesticly under the case, and it's surprising that two sapphire domes are not cut.

The platinum and titanium pieces you see belong to Max Büsser. Like all other HM3s, it is powered by a Girard-Perregaux self-winding movement, which is powered by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht of Agenhor )produce.

MB & F Watchmaker N ° 4 – Thunderbolt RT
Sometimes people tend to call MB & F "crazy"-on HM4 Thunderbolt, I can almost understand why. If your imagination permits, then think about it, you can stay as far away from the traditional understanding of mechanical watches as possible ... and you may not even be able to approach HM4. I call it a sculpture with a mechanical heart, and it gives time to the byproduct (by the way, this is the philosophy behind all MB & F replica watches Review).

This particular piece is a two-part rose gold and a sapphire crystal (monolithic). The "Thunderbolt" name comes from the inspiration behind the project-the jet engine. The engine is interpreted here as two pods with two dials at its ends, placed perpendicular to the wearer's wrist. One shows the time and the other is the power reserve indicator.

There are two surprises to this piece (once you get used to its look). First, its position on the wrist is very good, which means that it is a fully functional watch, not just a head.

Secondly, in terms of styling and mechanics, this is a thoughtful design. The shape of the case and the fit of the movement are very important, so both are designed with each other in mind. The work of Laurent Besse and Les Artisans Horologers is the caliber here. You have to wind it manually to ensure uninterrupted work for the entire 72 hours.

From the beginning, MB & F's philosophy seems to be completely out of touch with reality, and it shows that making watches is just like meaningless for decades. MB & F is a dynamic sculpture (unfortunately, Kinetic's name has been adopted by a Japanese brand), but with time as a by-product-giving time is not its main goal. Büsser's creativity is followed by all his friends (he only chooses his favorite, best, most talented individual) without borders. Even though he made the final decision (wisely saying "creativity is not a democratic process"), the people who work with MB & F are a vital part of the process, as you can imagine.Richard Mille RM011 Felipe Massa replica

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