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Device stops sending data after a while
Hi Guys,

i've done lots of improvements to the firmware in the last weeks. Some of them were related to the WiFi configuration, others to stability and performance.
Up to now the device was spending 10 seconds each iteration to scan where is hte i2c bus and what devices are there
In addition each 30 seconds it was trying to connect to the router and then killing the connection w/o sending anything most of the time.
in addition, once it boots and takes an IP via DHCP, then it doesn't get it again each 30 seconds, but it directly reuses it.
now it boots for 1-2 seconds and scans for hardware changes only after factory reset. i hope this will improve the stability, or if your devices are already working fine - keep it
but i would be glad if you could give it a try, just update to the latest firmware

most of this changes are needed, because the next part of my project is to have also a battery-operated board, and there each second of active runtime can decrease total runtime by a month Smile

Regards, Vladimir

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