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Help with custom HTTP - homeautomation - 01-14-2017

Hi, I can't get custom url to work. I always get connectgion refused if querystring is added to the url.

This url are giving below error

Calling HTTP: []]
[Error Code: -1 = connection refused
Response Code: -1]

But if I copy and paste the "" to browser it works fine.

I have tried to add an url without querystring and then the logs display the result.

Do my own rest.php respond anything more than ex. the text OK

RE: Help with custom HTTP - admin - 01-14-2017

can you check if both, your computer and the device are on the same network. If i remembe correctly - there was a case when somebody had 5 ghz and 2.4 ghz networks, and the vAir monitor only connects to the 2.4 ghz, but his other stuff were running in the 5 ghz

also try with the ping command from the "Send Command" input field
ping "","6789"

i believe you should get again -1, but just in case
you can also check what ip details the device got with