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Full Version: WiFi Configuration
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The latest firmware build 20170122 has built in support for WiFi configuration as well as lots of other improvements
you can give it a try by doing a firmware update 
and then having a look on 


any feedback is welcome!
Just updated to this version ([vESPrino v1.16 build20170122]). Advantage, it's much closer to the configured sampling interval: set to 120 seconds and gets readings every 121 or 122 seconds rather than 142 or so as before.

Something worth noting in the instructions, though, would be that the http://config.vair-monitor.com should be visited in Chromium. It doesn't work in Firefox. It might be obvious in retrospect but it caught me out.
hmm i will fix it
it should be just a standard web app, but maybe somewhere i left some reference to some chrome object///