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Full Version: Help with custom HTTP
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Hi, I can't get custom url to work. I always get connectgion refused if querystring is added to the url.

This url are giving below error

Calling HTTP: []]
[Error Code: -1 = connection refused
Response Code: -1]

But if I copy and paste the "" to browser it works fine.

I have tried to add an url without querystring and then the logs display the result.

Do my own rest.php respond anything more than ex. the text OK
can you check if both, your computer and the device are on the same network. If i remembe correctly - there was a case when somebody had 5 ghz and 2.4 ghz networks, and the vAir monitor only connects to the 2.4 ghz, but his other stuff were running in the 5 ghz

also try with the ping command from the "Send Command" input field
ping "","6789"

i believe you should get again -1, but just in case
you can also check what ip details the device got with